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ClassicTravelBooks is your gateway to extraordinary adventures and timeless tales from around the globe. Immerse yourself in the diversity of cultures, landscapes, and experiences that define the essence of travel. Our carefully curated collection invites you to explore, dream, and embrace the transformative power of a good travel story.

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best travel writers

Best Travel Writers

If you are an avid traveler or you are planning a globe-trotting adventure, you understand the value of travel writers. Travel writers invite you on a journey to destinations and...

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best john steinbeck books

Best John Steinbeck Books 

John Steinbeck's books embody literary excellence, capturing the essence of American life and the human spirit's struggle. From the weedy lots and junk heaps of "Cannery Row" to the fertile...

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Meet Matt: The Explorer Behind the ClassicTravelBooks

I’m Matt, a British blogger who now calls Spain home. Although I’m not a full-time wanderluster, I managed to break free from a two-decade career in hotels and restaurants in the UK and the USA. My travels have taken me across Africa, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, eventually bringing me to Madrid. 

From jotting down diary entries in Tanzania to crafting ebooks like “How To Clean Your Underwear in Africa,” my goal is simple—share real travel experiences with a touch of humor. So, come along and explore the world with me through ClassicTravelBooks.